martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

In memoriam

First Crash! Later Bang! Later nothing.
Only tears, only silence, only blood.
Feelings are like secrets weapons
Smashing on those who can´t understand,
On those who are so died inside themselves,
That they need to kill everyone else.
Poor thing, their bastard lives are worth not
Hate is a poison that burns silently,
Hidden in (not) magic books which tell stories,
Only true in their narrow minds,
And the hate appears to show all its power.
Silent tears claim higher than that hate
Because reason is their mouth.
Tears, spilt tears, always one by one,
But enough, if we collect all of them,
To sink in a salty sea of sadness and fear.
All the homophobia in this world should sank
to that hell they've created,
taking all those criminal away,
to never, never, reappear again

So let’s not give the pleasure to see us with their hate.

No, let’s not even say you´ll see tomorrow,
Because our duty it’s to make a tomorrow without them.

2 comentarios:

pep dijo...

Un escrito perfecto para un hecho horrible.

Deabrutxiki dijo...

Gracias Peo. En ciertos momentos poco se puede hacer, la verdad. Es una noticia que me impactado de verdad, con todo lo que tiene por detrás. Me hace recordar mis comienzos en el activismo, y lo qur habría pasado si alguien hubiera hecho lo mismo. No sé, a veces la rabia te permite expresarte mejor en verso, la verdad